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New WebRTC Certification and Training!

WebRTCIf you are involved in the real-time communications industry, there’s no doubt you’ve been hearing about, and investigating WebRTC – Web Real-Time Communications.  WebRTC is about adding a complete audio and video stack to browsers, and exposing these capabilities to web developers through JavaScript APIs.  WebRTC is going to make huge changes in our industry.

The WebRTC Book

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in WebRTC right from the beginning in the standards, and  with my friend Dan Burnett wrote the first book on WebRTC.   Perhaps you have read it?   Although it has been less than a year since we first published it, we recently published the second edition to track the increasing pace of development and innovation in WebRTC.

Now, we are pleased to announce online and in-person training and certification for WebRTC, in partnership with the WebRTC School.   We have put together two training classes:

CWICertified WebRTC Integrator – this is a course for architects, system integrators, and VoIP and telephony developers who want to integrate WebRTC communications from browsers into their existing VoIP and video conferencing infrastructure.  It details all the protocols needed and the principles behind architecting and designing gateways. This course is online right now at the WebRTC School!

CWDCertified WebRTC Developer – this course is for web developers, web architects, and web integrators who want to learn how to use the WebRTC JavaScript APIs to create WebRTC sites and applications.  It details all the W3C APIs and all the components needed to get WebRTC up and running, including signaling, servers, and security.  This course includes actual WebRTC code which runs on browsers today.  This course will available  online at the WebRTC School later this month.

We are very excited to be launching these training classes.  But what is the certification part?  Following its highly successful SIP School Certified Associate  (SSCA) program, WebRTC School is offering certification via online testing for Certified WebRTC Integrator (CWI) and Certified WebRTC Developer (CWD) programs.

I hope these classes will help spread the word on WebRTC!  If you take either of these classes, I’d love to hear from you what you think and what you have learned.


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