Happy World IPv6 Day!

Today, June 8, 2011 is the first World IPv6 Day!

IP or Internet Protocol is what makes the Internet the Internet.  The current version most of us use is version 4, or IPv4.  However, IPv4 is running out of addresses – no one had any idea how big the Internet would grow back when it was invented.  Fortunately, there is a solution to this, the next version of Internet Protocol known as IPv6.  (Whatever happened to IPv5, no one is saying…)

Unfortunately, it will take a bit of work to move our computers, apps, and websites to IPv6.  The process is underway, and anyone involved in Information Technology will no doubt be aware of the effort, but we need to speed up the conversion.

Ask your favorite website, vendor, or app when they will support IPv6.  If you are tech savvy yourself, find out if your Internet Service Provider supports IPv6 using these tests.  And on a day like today, it is a good thing to recognize all the people who have put in so much effort and energy into making the Internet what it is today!

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